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The Tidløs Story

Tidløs was born out of my passion for the outdoors, love for Nordic knit patterns and my personal desire to “find a better way”. 

Giving up my corporate career after 15 years and as a mother of 2, to start Tidløs has been both the most daunting and rewarding experience

Whether you fall in love with my product and order one, or simply get inspired by my story to follow your own passion. Either case makes sharing my journey worthwhile.

Nordic knit patterns. The haute couture of my home country 

I come from Norway, where the weather never goes to plan. Winter days are cold and dark and yet, we are known as the outdoor nation.

Our version of “Hygge”: A cold November afternoon, sitting around the fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate, wrapped in a cozy sweater knitted for me by my mother. 

Nordic knit sweaters are our secret weapon: Timeless & designed to bring the best out of people – whatever the conditions.

Missing timeless winter fashion in Switzerland, my home away from home 

I started dreaming of my own winter label after moving to Switzerland. 

Truly, a home away from home: spectacular outdoors, winters in the cabin and a husband who was game to climb Kilimanjaro with me for our honeymoon. 

There’s no shortage of innovative outdoor brands, outscoring each other on functionalities, and designs that change every season. 

Yet something was missing: the stylishness and timelessness of Nordic Knit patterns. 

From fast fashion... 

I spent a big part of my career working in fast fashion.

A fascinating world: Low prices making fashion accessible to all. Collections tell stories & colour our lives and lately, leading players even started to use their might to decisively tackle harmful practices.

Yet, the biggest flip side remains: Overproduction. 

Fast fashion encourages a consumption which couldn’t be further away from my beloved Norwegian sweater which took weeks to produce, and has lasted all these years.

... to Tidløs, determined to find a better way

Consequently, when I left my last job at a leading fast fashion retailer to create Tidløs, I did it with one conviction: there must be a better way.