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The meaning of brand name


Tidløs means timeless in Norwegian and everything we do revolves around it

We craft pieces that enhance outdoor experiences, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime. It begins with timeless designs that capture the essence of style. We use high-quality, natural materials known for their enduring strength and sustainability.

The idea behind Tidløs

Our dream

I first started dreaming of Tidløs when I moved to Switzerland 15 years ago. In many aspects, truly, a home away from home: spectacular outdoors, winters in the cabin and a husband who was game to climb Kilimanjaro with me for our honeymoon.

But one thing was missing: the stylishness and timelessness of Nordic Knit patterns...

The founder

Our story

Passion for the outdoors, love for Nordic knit patterns and my personal desire to “find a better way” - this is why I founded Tidløs

I grew up in Norway, the weather never goes to plan. Winter days are cold and dark. And yet, we are known as the outdoor nation. Our version of “Hygge”: A cold November afternoon, sitting around the fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate, wrapped in a cozy sweater. Nordic knit sweaters are our secret weapon: Timeless and designed to bring the best out of people. No matter the conditions. 

Pursuing a better way

Our Values

Timeless design

We don't ride seasonal tides. Our Norwegian heritage-inspired garments are designed to accompany in many different occasions, and shall never go out of fashion.

Thanks to designs & colours that you want to wear this year, next year, ten years from now. 

Premium Quality

Our garments are designed to last. We only with high quality raw materials, and use weaving techniques which have a high resistance to wear and tear.

Conscious choice

Everything we do at Tidløs starts with the question: what's the most sustainable way to achieve it?

We produce locally, work with 100% natural fibres from responsible sources, and use limited series and pre-orders to avoid fashion waste from the onset.