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At Tidløs, we aim to reduce the impact we have on the environment while producing garments that we believe in. To do this with a clear conscience, we ensure that production doesn't turn into overproduction. While our technical aim is to minimise waste and reduce deadstock, our personal motivation is to buy consciously. 

100% natural fibers

Our essentials use natural and biodegradable fibres only. We really reduced our materials to the essentials: that's all we needed.

Made in Europe

All our suppliers produce in the EU. For us, this is the only way we can guarantee a fair, eco-conscious and qualitative approach within all steps of the production process.

Minimal waste

Our mission is to minimise waste. We therefore keep low production numbers and, design and produce products that won’t go out of fashion.

Every step a conscious choice

From the tags we use to where our fabrics are dyed to where the sheep that produce our wool graze — we think that in this complicated world, we need to be transparent about the choices we make. So that when you wear your garment with love, you’ll know that each step of the process the garment lives through — from sheep or wood pulp to the packaging — has been vetted and selected with love. That’s something you can trust us on.

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Natural fibers Suppliers